09 March 2007

Chainsaw Does It In The Dark In The Park

Wonkette: We’ll take any opportunity to use this TIME photo again, which shows Cheney and his lesser henchmen at the funeral of Don Corleone. Today’s excuse: TIME’s got a big cover feature blockbuster story about how Cheney runs the White House and is an out-of-control hater who kills by night. That was true in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, too — but the news hook is the Libby verdict. TIME calls it “the Cheney verdict,” which is a cute sort of fantasy. Anyway, guess what? Cheney’s Plame/Wilson/Uranium/Iraq War scheme was an “operation inside the White House that has done more harm than good.” You don’t say!

T-Spizzy: Definitely appears that Cheney is taking a whizz with his entourage looking on.

Pelagius: @T-Spizzy: Not just looking on: The guy in the grey suit has to massage Cheney's prostate to help get the flow going.

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